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Coronavirus discussion

Please use this forum to request or offer help to neighbours who may need your help to get supplies during this situation if they cannot leave their homes. Remember to only share personal details via PM and leave the supplies by your door and do not let anyone you don't know enter your home.

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Talk about everything related to Seven Hills that isn't covered elsewhere
Are you looking to move to Seven Hills? Talk to residents about the best place to live, hints, tips, advice and much more.
Looking to find out more about your family history and ancestry in Seven Hills? Find out more about your family tree, genealogy and talk to local residents to learn more about the history of Seven Hills
Get all your questions about banking and finances in Seven Hills answered here!
Discuss broadband internet, Wifi, phone and TV in Seven Hills. Topics ranging from ADSL, ISPs, broadband speed tests and checkers, cheap broadband and phone deals, choices and comparison, fibre broadband, superfast satellite broadband and more.
Want to get somewhere in and around Seven Hills? Find out more about buses, trains and public transport in Seven Hills, including times, timetables, routes, schedules and more.
Advertise here for free any unwanted/secondhand items that you would like to sell or buy in Seven Hills. For example: Household items/Bicycles/Garden furniture etc. Please include prices and photos, if possible.
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Looking for discounts, deals, coupons and vouchers in Seven Hills? Find hot deals, offers of the day, discount codes and more bargains in Seven Hills.
Discuss everything about gardening, plants, insects and pests in Seven Hills. Everything from gardening tips to garden pots and much more!
Looking for health, beauty, fitness and sport in Seven Hills? Talk to residents in Seven Hills about makeup, fitness, sports clubs, nutrition, beauty salons and much more.
Find out more about healthcare and medical advice in Seven Hills. Discuss things like the european health insurance card, health insurance and health care, private medical insurance, travel insurance quotes and more.
Discuss the best places to go on holiday in Seven Hills. Find out more about low cost holidays, all inclusive holidays, last minute holidays, city breaks, cheap all inclusive holidays, last minute hotel deals, short breaks and more in Seven Hills.
Looking for a job and career in Seven Hills? Find job jacancies in Seven Hills such as chef jobs, retail jobs, bar work and much more!
Have you lost or found an item in Seven Hills? Maybe you have lost a phone or passport? Talk to people in Seven Hills to see if we can help!
Looking for a missing person in the Seven Hills area? Post your message for free to let others help find missing people in Seven Hills.
Post photos of your pets on the Seven Hills forum!
Do you have any nice photos and pictures of Seven Hills? Share with us your favourite images of Seven Hills.
Playing Pokemon Go in Seven Hills? Talk to fellow players and share hints and tips to catch them all! Share tips on finding Pokestops, Pokegyms, nests, lures and much more in Seven Hills
Find out what restaurants, cafes and bars people are recommending in Seven Hills. Find places to have a beer, coffee or a cocktail in Seven Hills.
Find out which tradesman and companies people in Seven Hills are recommending. Find recommended builders, electricians, plumbers, carpenters and more in Seven Hills.
Looking for things to do in Seven Hills? Maybe trying to find some free things to do? Find out what events are happening in Seven Hills.
Find out more about the weather in Seven Hills. Find the average temperature, weather forecasts, accuweather, BBC weather, weather channel, and more in Seven Hills.
Find out more about where to buy things in Seven Hills
Find out where to hire things in Seven Hills. Rent equipment, baby equipment such as cots and car seats, gym equipment and more in Seven Hills.

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Looking for a house for sale in Seven Hills? Or maybe you want to list your house for sale in Seven Hills for free? Find a property and much more, including house prices, land for sale, property auctions, commercial property and real estate in Seven Hills.
Are you looking to rent or buy a property in Seven Hills? Post what you are looking for here and our members will help you find apartments, villas and houses in Seven Hills.
Looking for a house to rent in Seven Hills? Find property to rent including flats, rooms, and apartments for rent in Seven Hills.

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